Chocolate Elvis?

Philly girl running #bostonstrong in the 5k Run for Clean Air.



It’s two weeks until the Broad Street Run and I have two races scheduled for this weekend — a 5k today and a 10k tomorrow.  Yikes!  After tomorrow, the next two weeks are going to be nice and easy until the big day — I promise 😉   The Run for Clean Air was an important race for my running buddy and they gave great swag — a t-shirt and tech shirt, plus a bag loaded with goodies!  I really liked the recycled paper bibs — way to keep it green.  After scoring the discounted registration fee for this race (thank you running buddy), I realized that a big race for me, the Dash for Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness, was the scheduled for the same weekend.  Tapering begins Monday!  (More about the Dash in tomorrow’s post)

5k Run for Clean Air Recap:  I went out hard #poweredbybits and was happy to PR!  Thank you ENERGYbits — couldn’t have done it without your help!


Yup, check it out — a 9 minute mile 🙂  So happy!  A celebration was definitely in order…well at least breakfast ’cause remember this girl is on a beverage moratorium until after Broad Street.  Off to Milkcrate Cafe at 400 E. Girard Avenue.  Let’s just say Chocolate Elvis more than made up for not having a celebratory mimosa.


Perfectly toasted croissant with a jackpot of gooey goodness — Nutella, peanut butter, and bananas — a perfect trio for a hungry runner.  Unless of course you are my running buddy, then you throw on some bacon for good measure.  Bonus!  Pair this with a steaming cup of LaColombe coffee and you have the perfect post-race combination.  Well, maybe a mimosa could have made it heaven 😉

Now to carb-load and rest up for tomorrow’s Dash…

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2 Responses to Chocolate Elvis?

  1. jenereesa says:

    Should I be looking for you at Broad Street? I’m sure it will be most easy to find you, what with 40,000 runners?!? 😉

  2. Congratulations on your 9 minute mile!!!! That’s stellar!!! I’ve never tried Nutella (gasp!) But do love a PB and banana sandwich- I’ll have to try the nutella sometime. Run strong!!

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