Silver Linings

Reflecting on the past week of training, the theme silver linings comes to mind.  Now I know what you are thinking…but it’s not Silver Linings Playbook.  Although I enjoyed this movie for so many reasons,  heartwarming story, wonderful acting, and can we say — Philadelphia!  Yup, shot in Philly, written by Matthew Quick, a  La Salle University guy (you know I love my Explorers), and starring one of my favorite hometown boys…


Bradley, next time you are in town, I’m available for a date run through the ‘hood!

But I digress, easy to do when you’ve got Bradley on your mind.  Back to my point, silver linings and training.  Overall, it was an awesome week for training.  One in which I came to a running epiphany, but not with a few ups and downs along the way.  Like…

photo-173First, freaking out when my downspout decided to go separate ways, allowing a monsoon to find its way into my newly finished basement.  But April showers leads to…

photo-176…this explosion of color that I experienced on my runs through campus.  Boy, did this burst of springtime make my heart and legs sing!

photo-175Next — Temptation!  Thanks to my teacher friend who left these goodies in the faculty lounge….

photo-174…after I succumbed to temptation, instead of beating myself up about it (and having another donut!), I decided to run an extra mile that day.  And this is when something just clicked.  An epiphany of sorts…running just felt easier.  What was different?  I’m not quite sure but I’ve always been a glass half full, look for the silver linings kinda girl.  Could it be this simple?  Or was it that I was making no negotiations and sticking to my training program and then some?  Maybe my self-imposed sanctions on adult beverages?  ENERGYbits?  All of the above?  I think so, but it was something more…I felt in control when I ran!  So here it is…my running epiphany – “let the past make you better, not bitter…look to the future with optimism”  and just run!

photo-178So now it’s your turn.  What’s your running epiphany?

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1 Response to Silver Linings

  1. I am completely new to the running world and every time I hit the streets I come back with a new found respect for myself. I am empowered by accomplishing something I didn’t think I could a mere month ago. I cannot wait to see what the future brings! Thank you for sharing!

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