Snow, ice, and icing…

How ridiculous — cleaning snow off my car in running shorts?  Spring Break, really?!

photo-139 Yesterday’s spring snow storm looked pretty.  But honestly, not one snow day this entire school year, and Mother Nature decides that Spring Break would be an ideal time for some snow?!

Since last week’s injection in my knee, I have been on the easy pass with running.  After the snow mobile was clean, I hit the gym for a 2 mile light run and then relaxed catching up on hours of Downton Abbey (hey, I’m on Spring Break, don’t judge!).

Today, I had another visit scheduled with my friendly orthopedic doctor, so I squeezed in another two mile run before our visit.  After the injection, I knew it would be a few days before I could get out, so I tried to make it count.  And boy did I!  I ran my first 9 minute mile EVER!  Now, how far into the nine minutes, we won’t discuss.  But since it was somewhere in the nines, I’m calling it a 9 minute mile!

photo-140I celebrated my 9 minute accomplishment with a little ice after my injection while watching the Phillies beat Tampa Bay 10-1!

After, I headed to South Philly for some Flyers pre-gaming at South Philadelphia Taproom for happy hour — all apps and local draft beers were half price.  Score for the home team!


Nitro: Sly Fox O’Reilly’s Stout and Manayunk Schuylkill Funk, along with Wild Boar Tacos…enough said.  WINNER!


A little icing in the Flyers zone.  Seats were 9 rows from the ice!  Sweet!

Too bad the Flyers didn’t come to play tonight not winner but a good time was had by all.

Spring Break is winding down and after the cold start, this Philly girl is finally heading south, and I don’t mean South Philadelphia.


 I’m off to the Big Easy, the land of beignets, po’ boys, and hurricanes — drinks, that is!  Goodbye, cold, snow, and ice!  Hello, Spring!

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2 Responses to Snow, ice, and icing…

  1. Margaret says:

    Congrats on your nine minute mile…Are you running Saturday for the Broad St 5 mile run?

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