First Day of Spring recap….Water Ice!

My plan to run every day during Spring Break has been foiled!

photo-124A pesky knee injury that sneaks up on me every six months or so necessitated a visit to my favorite orthopedic doc for a little (ummm…that was a pretty hugh needle) injection, which should get me back on the trails.  He sent me on my way with the order not to run (well, not to run long distances.  No worries doc… I’m no marathoner!)  Also, he ordered me to ice my knee.  My doc is kinda bossy…

To help me get over this traumatic experience (I hate shots), a trip to Rita’s Water Ice was just what the doctor should have ordered!  It just so happens that Rita’s gives away free water ice on the first day of Spring — winner!  Who doesn’t like free?  And who doesn’t like free water ice while icing their injured knee?  This stuff is amazing — ice with real fruit — genius!  It’s oh so refreshing on a hot summer day, or while icing your sore knee on a chilly spring day.

So what will I do while I’m out of commission for a while???  I guess it’s time to hit the gym and work on my core with some strength and weight training.  I’m sure a Rita’s Water Ice will be a great prescription to nurse my sore abdominal muscles. too!

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