March Madness Goes Blue with DetermiNation

Today had to be the longest day ever! It all started bright and early with a short 2 mile run which I finished in 21:48. Then off to school for the Spring Break countdown to begin. I just needed to get through teaching my morning classes and then an afternoon of “March Madness” (not college basketball, but just as much frenzy for 225 lower and middle school boys!) I think I can…I think I can…

To add a little extra fun to the last day before break, the students organized a second fundraiser to help raise money to support the American Cancer Society and my Broad Street Run. Today the boys wore blue to school in support of colon cancer. They happily paid two dollars to be out of uniform. They also held a bake sale in January. Both events raised $1,057.80 for ACS! Incredible! I am so proud of these guys…

photo-108This donation brought tears to my eyes….

photo-106My running partner, Hailey, and I sporting our DetermiNation race shirts. Go Blue!

After an afternoon of soccer, basketball, tug of peace, bowling, paper airplane flying, arts and crafts and cookies, there will be no more 5 A.M. wake up to run calls for two weeks! Spring Break starts NOW!

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