Bye Bye Flu. Good Riddance.

After four and half days of quarantine,  I finally emerged from beneath my covers and hit the trail.  Well, walking that is…  After listening to my coach’s advice, I spent the last several days completely mastering the “rest” and “hydration” aspects of training.  While I enjoyed catching up on Downton Abbey and all my favorite blogs, today I was ready to get outside and run!  Well…make that walk.  With age comes wisdom, and I am old enough to know when to listen to my body.  “It doesn’t matter if it’s a 14 minute mile or a 7 minute, a mile is a mile!”



Hello, Forbidden Drive.  Missed you!

Even though the trail was a bit muddy from yesterday’s rain, the walk was completely enjoyable with wonderful conversation and the company of my running buddy, who was sweet enough to walk the trail with me instead of run.  After walking, we stopped at one of our favorite places to recharge after a run (or walk)– the Cedars House.


The Cedars House is a wonderful place to nourish your body and soul.  They offer an amazing healthy menu, training, massage studio, host local musicians and show local artists in the cafe set in the gorgeous Wissahickon Park located right in Philadelphia.

I was originally thinking just coffee or possibly a smoothie, but the walk revved up my missing appetite, and we shared the quiche of the day and a bowl of fresh fruit.  Several cups of La Colombe coffee later and I felt ready to tackle the day.


Looking forward to heading back to school tomorrow and hopefully a short run.

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