No Negotiations!

Maybe law school is in my future?? I have become quite the negotiator.  Seems I can talk myself into justifying anything.  For example, Saturday’s scheduled 4 mile run became 2 miles.  I mean, that’s a no brainer ’cause Sunday was a scheduled day off, and I could run the 4 miles on Sunday…and you guessed it — you know what happened on Sunday.  Yup, that’s right — the rescheduled 4 miles so easily became 3 miles because it’s simple math 3 + 2 = 5 and that’s one more mile than I was suppose to run!  It’s a slippery slope, indeed!  So today, I took a stand — NO more negotiations!  From now on, I’m sticking to what Nike and I agreed upon back on February 5.  So here’s how it went down for today’s SCHEDULED 3 mile run:

Mile 1 – 10:31

Mile 2 – 21:49

Mile 3 – 33:24

To celebrate Day 1 of No Negotiations (that’s Presidents’ Day to all of you) I was meeting my friend, Meghan, to catch up on life and share our favorite appetizer and a few beverages.  In retrospect, I probably should have run that extra mile 😉  Here’s a glimpse of our afternoon of fun and laughs….


First up…Oompa Loompa Stout brewed with Belgian bittersweet chocolate and aged with cocoa nibs and Madagascar vanilla beans.  Soooo smooth. Willy Wonka would have been proud.  Between sips, we also nibbled on some sweet and savory bruschetta.  Saving the best for last…


We had to wait till 4:00 for our next stop to open, but it was sure worth the wait!  A glass of Pinot Noir, paired with Ty’s Memphis Nachos — slow roasted pulled pork, jalapeno jack cheese, cole slaw, served over white corn tortilla chips.  Our mouths were watering…can anything be more delicious? I think NOT!

All in all, a perfect day off.  A little running…a little eating…a little drinking…a lot of laughs, and not one negotiation!  Happy Birthday, George and Abe!

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