Binging but Back on Track!

In my last post I stated that since I began running, my binging has been almost non-existent — well, albeit, with an occasional Trader Joe’s Chocolate Dunker or two.  Well, I have a confession…bless me father for I have binged!  Valentine’s Day is the hardest day of the year for us chocoholics.  I succumbed to a zillion Hershey kisses and the sweetest teacher’s gift…

photo-64Tell me, how could I resist?

Yesterday was a rest day for me, so I continued the binge with a few leftover sweets and a glass of wine or two.  Chocolate and wine — a perfect pairing!  The guilt started setting in around 9:00 p.m..  So much so, that I was setting my alarm for an early Saturday morning gym wake up call.

I didn’t even hit the snooze button once this morning!  I checked into the gym for an easy two mile run and I’m back on track!  I finished my first mile in just 10:49 and recorded my best two mile run so far — 21:33!  My love affair with Mr. Hershey and his sweet kisses are a distance memory, and I was off to my local food co-op.


Move over Mr. Hershey, you’ve got competition!

Fresh, local, and organic — sooooo local, that the produce is actually grown on a farm in Northwest Philadelphia!  I know, a farm in the city!  Crazy, right?  So the way a co-op works is that it’s owned by the members, and I happen to be one!  You don’t have to be a member to shop, but you do get a discount, so worth the investment. Here’s another great reason I shop here — it’s right in my ‘hood so I can walk – bonus exercise!  And with today’s haul of groceries my arms got a workout from carrying all this goodness home — double bonus exercise!

photo-67I’m usually not a red meat lover, but my favorite college student and son will be joining me for dinner.  Tonight’s his favorite — steak on the grill, french fries (baked potato for me), and grilled asparagus.  Yummo!

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