Treadmill v. Running Out In The Elements?

I promised to post my race results from Saturday’s Feel the Love 5K. Well, I wasn’t feeling the love so much when I saw my time – 37:11, with a pace of 11:58…ugh! What happened!? Well…first, the weather conditions. It was below freezing with the wind howling off the waterfront. Next, the start was horrible…no playing of the National Anthem….no course instructions given…Nike Running was not cooperating, so I had no idea how far I ran, or how far I had to go to the finish…and for some odd reason, my music was on repeat.  Katy Perry was singing Firework over and over and over, again! Am I making excuses – you betcha! So, off I went to the gym today for my two mile short run, and to run away from the cold, rainy, grey afternoon. After I finished, I was feeling the love again and much happier with my time. While I know that I will not qualify for the Boston Marathon via the treadmill, I ran 10:48 for the first mile and 22:05 after two miles. Maybe Boston some day….but until that time…


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2 Responses to Treadmill v. Running Out In The Elements?

  1. Brittany says:

    I love that picture, SO true!! Awesome job.

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