Feel the Love

So Nemo blew through Philadelphia, leaving only a bitter chill in the air.  I was so excited to wake up to barely a trace of snow, and even more excited to find out the Feel the Love 5k was still on!  It was only when I got down to the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, where the race was being held, that I had second thoughts.  Being so close to the Delaware River made it feel much colder than the forecasted 29 degrees, with wind gusts of 40 miles per hour!  Not optimal running conditions!


With my red nose, I look more like Rudolph than the Heat Miser on the Christmas in July 5k Shirt, I’m wearing 😉

So here’s how the race went down…You get to run with a partner, who can be a lover, blood, same sex or friend in opposite directions on the course.  You end up passing each other (and a few Naval ships) several times (depending on how fast or slow you run).


My time was not my best, but considering the weather conditions, I’m happy just to finish and not end up a frozen popsicle.  I’ll let you know my official time, once it’s posted.

So here’s the best part — your race fee included a free drink at the post party, which was being held at Xfinity Live.  This place is the Disney World for sports fans!  And what better way to celebrate an awesome race than with thousands of Philadelphia Flyers fans celebrating the Flyboys OT win over Carolina 4-3.



Hydrating with a beverage after the race 🙂

Kudos to Bryn Mawr Running Company for organizing a super fun race and party!

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2 Responses to Feel the Love

  1. Janice says:

    What an awesome experience. I am glad you were able to handle the wind, take on the run, because that after party looks like it was a blast!! Nothing like really being able to enjoy yourself after a challenge.

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