Carb Loading and Waiting for Nemo

So apparently Nemo has been found, and he is wrecking havoc on the East Coast, dumping record snowfall amounts from Philly to Boston and beyond.  I took advantage of an early snow dismissal from school.  I hit the gym for a short run before hunkering down for the night to watch the snow fall.  My times weren’t that bad….only two miles today.  I ran the first mile in exactly 11 minutes and finished up the two miles at 22:32.

Snow on the weekends is frowned upon by teachers (we love our snow days as much as our kids!).  And snow this weekend is double frowned upon by this teacher who has plans to run at 5K tomorrow afternoon.  Unfortunately, it looks as though Nemo has other plans.  The good news — I’ve checked the race organizer’s website, and so far the race is still on 🙂 That means carb loading for me tonight! Any excuse to have pasta works for me!  I got busy in the kitchen and whipped up my “famous” (well, to my family it is) Seafood Siciliano – tasty tilapia simmered in olive oil, garlic, onion, and fire roasted tomatoes served over whole wheat pasta with freshly grated parmesan romano cheese.



Fingers crossed that the race is still on tomorrow and Nemo gets lost!

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