If One Has DetermiNation, Then Things Will Get Done

It was an unusually long, tough day at school. Maybe it was the impending snowstorm that had the boys on high energy alert. Whatever the reason, this teacher was looking forward to some adult beverages. After tutoring a few students, I was off to the Broad Street Run Kick Off Party at the Field House.

photo-50 http://www.fieldhousephilly.com/

The folks at DetermiNation had the second floor reserved for us “athletes,” where we were greeted immediately with warm welcomes. Everyone I met was super psyched about the great work the American Cancer Society is doing, and couldn’t be more helpful with information for us newbie runners. There were tons of yummy apps (the crabcakes were delicious!) and great drink specials. After mingling with some new running buddies, we were introduced to the staff and coaches of the DetermiNation team. Their energy and enthusiasm was infectious. It feels amazing to be a part of this team and working together to not only reach my own personal goal of finishing this race, but also to help kick the cell out of cancer!


Getting my “attitude of gratitude” on at the Field House.

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