February 4, 2013

So I guess you can say I have been “training” for a big run.  But honestly, I have no experience putting together a training plan, so I have given this job over to the professionals.  I put myself in the capable hands of Nike.   I started a 10K training plan today, which happens to put me exactly on target to run the Get Your Rear in Gear 10K on March 17th.  And for this Irish girl, what a better way to celebrate the wearing of the green than with an awesome 6.2 mile run and plenty of Harp and Guinness at the finish line to celebrate.  Another bonus about this race, other than the beer, will be that funds raised will help local efforts to raise awareness of colon and rectal cancer and positively impact screening rates.  Win-win all the way around!


Here’s today’s total mileage — an easy 2 mile gym run — Time:  22:28.

Honestly, this Nike site couldn’t be an easier to use and they have training plans for lots of distances…5k, 10k, half and full marathons.  Check it out!


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